A Black Man is Killed in the U.S. Every 28 Hours by Police

I’ve published this piece on Medium instead of my personal blog because it references (my) unlawful activities, and I don’t know if I’m going to leave it up, for that reason. But I had to write it down, and I felt compelled to share it while we are all still talking about Michael Brown’s murder by police.

“That comes only with a citadel mentality, what I call Fortress America: a belief that “we” are under siege from “them.” It comes from a society that establishes poverty and privation as a matter of course for some citizens, then criminalizes those citizens, then dehumanizes the criminal class.”
“Don’t be distracted by terms like “rioting”. Whether you’re for or against uprising and rebellion (side-eye if you’re against it, though), it’s a tool, not the issue itself. The issue is yet another Black teenager murdered by police. His name was Mike Brown.”


"This is what it’s like to have HIV in 2014" (Vox)

“They’ll come and go. But while they are in orbit, it will be right. It will be good. It will be physics and love and everything in between. Enjoy that. But don’t try to keep it. That’s just not how this place works.”

Nearing sunrise (at The Beach)


Another draft poster design

Watercolor illustrations by Avery Garza


Day 205 – although it’s actually just Times New Roman with the serifs lopped off